Among the 12 countries in this comparison, the United States is among the lowest aid scores and among the lowest percents of gross national income dedicated to aid; Sweden has the highest combined overall score, and the highest percent of gross national income dedicated to aid.

International Aid

GreenRanked first for statistic
RedRanked last for statistic
 Commitment to Development Index
Development Finance ScoreCombined Overall Score% Gross National IncomeMilitary Aid Commitments to Ukraine, % GDP
United Kingdom69790.5100.232
United States52470.2170.200


The Commitment to Development Index 2023 (columns 1 – 2) : Center for Global Development

Scores out of 100.

(International Aid) Percent of Gross National Income: OECD

Official Development Assistance (ODA) grant equivalent as a percent of GNI. From 2022.

Military Aid Commitments to Ukraine in % GDP: Kiel Institute for the World Economy

Bilateral aid commitments as a share of 2021 gross domestic product (GDP), as of July 31, 2023.


“How Much Aid Has the U.S. Sent Ukraine? Here Are Six Charts.”

Jonathan Masters and Will Merrow
September 21, 2023.
Council on Foreign Relations. “When compared with the critical support to Ukraine from other countries, the size of U.S. aid stands out. However, some European governments, such as Norway, Latvia, and Estonia, are making far larger financial contributions to Ukraine relative to the size of their own economies.”

“Why The U.S. Ranks At The Bottom In A Foreign Aid Index” Joanne Lu

September 18, 2018.
“According to an annual index released…by the Center for Global Development that ranks 27 of the world’s wealthiest countries, the U.S. scored dead last on foreign aid contributions and quality — despite being the largest donor in dollar amount.”
The U.S. allocated only 0.18 of its gross national income to foreign aid, compared to the 0.7 standard other wealthy countries strive for.

“Funding Based on Needs? A Study on the Use of Needs Assessment Data by a Major Humanitarian Health Assistance Donor in its Decisions to Allocate Funds”

Emma Olin and Johan von Schreeb
May 16, 2014.
“…policies guiding funding decisions on humanitarian assistance need to be matched with available needs assessment data…”

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